Friday, February 22, 2008

Feelin' the love tonight...not so much.

Call me unpatriotic. And I cannot believe I am uttering these words aloud, in an election year, for goodness sake! But...I didn't like The Lion King. I know. I know. How can somebody not enjoy The Lion King, right? I mean, Elton John composed it, it was a Broadway sensation, it's an American musical treasure full of heartfelt whimsy, depth, joy and magic.

In fact, that is how everyone described it to me. As soon as I told someone I was going, they'd get all worked up and fussy.

"Oh my God. You are going!? I saw it in (insert major city here), and it was just magic, magic I tell you! I cried it was so magically life changing. So full of magic and beauty, it was just so (insert deep dreamy sigh) magical."

Well, after 3 magical hours of watching a metaphoric lion leap across the stage, including a very awkward aerial abstract lion sex scene (wtf?!) during "Can You Fell the Love Tonight," my butt was numb, the wire of my push up bra was cutting into my side (yeah, I'm the idiot who dresses like a tramp for The Lion King.), the kids behind me were screaming and throwing candied almonds at each other, and if I had to fake a chuckle at one more Pumba fart joke, I was going to lose my mind.

Honestly, the costumes were neat, and the African inspired chanting was kinda cool. But 3 hours of lions, tigers and bears! Oh my....get my keys, we're sneaking out of this bitch:)


lambrina said...

Sorry, girl, but you are SOO the exception. I saw it this year in NEAREST MAJOR CITY and it rocked my world. LOVED little Nalla..or whatever the F her name is. The elephant costumes were worth the price of admission.

Of course, an item of note may be that I don't get out much and am not in the least a cultured person. Whateves.

Brittany said...

WHAT!? There has GOT to be another person who disliked it as much as me!

Lori said...

Sorry Britt, you're in the minority. I can't wait to see it AGAIN! Yes, I saw it in a MAJOR CITY a few years ago!

Emiline said...

I haven't seen it, but I know I would agree with you. I'm not big on going to musicals. Too much dancing, singing, and happiness in general.
I'd rather be at home, in my sweats.

I saw Beauty & the Beast on Broadway, and wanted to gag. Donny Osmond was in it.

Brittany said...

For the record, I would gag watching anything with Donny Osmond in it.