Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trout Day 2008

Listen here, trout, quit swimming around all cute and stuff. I have news for you, my friend, very soon you will be in my belly, and no amount of cozying up to me is going to change that. Seriously, stop looking at me with those beady trout eyes.

Damn it Gil the Trout! My brother was right, I should have never named you! Naming you just makes it that much harder to eat you.

But I am still gonna do it Gil. I am.

Mark my words, come hell or high stinky reservoir water, a smoked version of you will be on my plate.

Stop with the guilt, Gil!

Now listen, pull yourself together, and lets finish watching the second season of Sex and the City before my brother gets here.


lambrina said...

Gil & I spoke. We decided it may be more fun to play a game of Hide & Seek rather than the whole dinner thing.

We'll hide. *runs to car with bucket, drives to Lake Erie*

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

Never, never, never name your food! What were you thinking???