Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh fancy, fancy

Today is stew day. I went to the market to stock up on whatever produce looked fresh to toss in my pot, and I came across a new find...fingerling potatoes. I have seen this tiny treasures on lots of cooking shows, and in glossy food magazines, but never had I come across them in the flesh!

First off, they were adorable. And out of sheer curiosity I plopped two pounds of them in the cart, and the rest is history. Cleaning them up was straight hilarity, as I totally felt like a giant. In fact, I may have said "fee fi fo fum," like once, or twice, or twenty times. But, you had to be there, it was SO funny...ask my nine month old.

Anyways, I put them all in my soon-to-be-yummy stew, all except one, which I reserved for further scientific experiment. I was SO curious how these little starchy delicacies tasted, So I poked tiny holes in it with a kabob skewer, and popped in the microwave for a teeny tine baked potato.

The verdict? Delish! Just to toss some adjectives around...moist, firm, sweet, nutty (I know, I know...I hate when people use the word nutty to describe things other than nuts, too!). I think it is the perfect little potato, with out the hassle of having to chop them up, just scrub and plop.

Aside from when I want an adult size baked potato, Fingerling will be my new go-to potato. I can see them starring in many roasts, stews, soups, or just tossed in some rosemary and olive oil and roasted to perfection.

So, go get your hands (er FINGERS...hahaha...I am on FIRE today) on some and make a nice hearty stew or soup, it's the perfect season to shower yourself in carbs.

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