Sunday, March 23, 2008

And on the seventh day...

Why do I feel like people are judging me while I stand in line at the grocery store...with two 40 ounce bottles of beer...and three cans of whipped 6am...on Easter Sunday...while wearing flip flops, sweat pants and a circa 1997 Rock the Vote T shirt?

Do I look like the type of person who plans to celebrate Jesus' rebirth with forties and whip-its??

Unfortunately...deep sigh...that is not in the stars for me today, at least not this Easter. Maybe when the boys are older. But, only if it also includes prank calls, Mr. Pibb and Black n' Milds. I like to keep things classy on religious holidays. That's how I roll.

Nope, on this Easter morn, I am frantically buying the crap I forgot so I can finish up my beer bread and cakes, on top of hiding fake eggs and stuffing baskets to trick the boys into believing the Easter Bunny was truly here, and pay no mind to the fact that I am exhausted and out of breath with pit stains and a sweatstache.

Ok, I am off to go try and shave my legs in the sink with a dry razor and some lotion because I have no time to shower. I'd hate to offend my in-laws with both hairy legs and body odor, so in the name of Jesus, I will shave, and celebrate the day hairless, but stinky.

And most days, that's good enough for me.

Happy Easter.


Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

You are able to make the most mundane things sound funny.
Who as a Mom hasn't done the quick shave thing or not been able to shower and just added more deodorant? Usually though I am so stressed out about it that I would never tell people let alone blog about it! I guess that's why I am always telling you that you write about my life! Come on - Keep me laughing, please?

lambrina said...

when i read the 40s followed by the whipped cream, i honestly did think whip its before you even mentioned it.

my mother-in-law made beer bread for yesterday. first time trying it. i was the only one that liked it and ended up getting a whole loaf to take home. BONUS

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Hope you had a great holiday with the family, Brittany! :)