Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sometimes fun can be free...and sometimes it costs $28.99

Leaving hubby in charge of the boys is always a risky venture. Too many times I come home to Bedlam. But, feeling particularly charitable, and giddy about what is hopefully the last massive snow fall of the season, I decided to shovel the I had eaten like an entire box Carmel Delights, so I had massive calories to burn.

I should add, not only did I shovel our walk and drive, I even did both of my neighbors, even though they never throw me a snow shoveling bone. Ever!

An hour later.

All sweaty, and totally unable to lift my arms any higher than my waist, I return to the house to start researching snow blowers for next year. Ugh, for real. That is backbreaking. As I walk through the door, I am greeted by a little toddler boy covered in what appears to be white powder. In my head I am quickly taking inventory of the baby powder, nope, totally out of reach, what the crap!? Then I see a mini Amy Winehouse-esque baby teetering towards me with white powder coming out of his nose.


Asleep on the floor of the living room. I should have known! Absolutely no adult supervision. Typical.

After gently waking him and explaining the situation (errr...kicking him in his side and holding up coke nose baby), we both freaked out and began searching for what the source of this weird smelly white powder could be.

Stepping into the kitchen, my heart stopped. Toddler, who is far to grabby of things on the counter these days, had gotten a hold of the brand spankin' new container of soy formula from the counter, removed the lid, and made a soy sandbox of our kitchen.

It was everywhere, and toddler just looked at me, cool as a cucumber, a mini Tony Montana from Scarface. His "little friend" a giggling 11 month old hiding behind him.

Wonderful. WONDERFUL!

I wanted to cry. It was a brand new container. Almost $30 a week for powdered gold in a can.

I went upstairs and dropped my two powdered donuts in the tub while hubby cleaned up the mess.

Just one more month of formula, then it's cow's milk for all (the thought makes me tear up, I am so excited)!


Remainder of the afternoon spent teaching the boys to "moo" and better childproofing the counter while hubby went to the market to replace the formula that fell on his watch.

All is right in the world once again.


lambrina said...
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Heather said...

So the moral of the story is: let the hubz do the back-breaking labor since he clearly can't be trusted to keep babies out of trouble!

It could be worse -at least they weren't smearing their shit on the walls, like my niece does!

Psychgrad said...

The baby Winehouse image made me laugh. Nice to find your blog. I agree with Heather's suggestion...although it is a good way to work off carmel delights. We just got 12 inches yesterday. ARGH!

Emily said...

After I read B this post, he decided that you need to write a book. And he wants the first copy.

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

We had a similar event with baby powder though so of course we had to involve poison control and everyone else I could think of!

Brittany said...

Lambrina...I will try my hardest to elicit more neighbor craziness:)

Heather...Um yeah, I guess I will HANDS DOWN take formula over baby poop on the walls...though I am sure that is not too far in the distant future.

Psychgrad...I am equally excited you have found me, because, in turn, I have found you too! Love your blogs!

Em...sounds good, just gotta find me a publisher:)

And Judy...Aren't you so impressed how helpful poison control is!? Love those ladies there, even put them on my Christmas card list:)

Michelle said...

Britt, just catching up on this one and almost peed my pants. Remind me that F isn't allowed to play at your house if A is watching them. He he he!!

Anika said...

Good for people to know.

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