Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Weekend Part Two

Day two of the festivities started out with massive amounts of cleaning. Hubby invited people over that night in a birthday party capacity, so that meant picking up 800 leggos, turning over kool-aid stained couch cushions, and moving the contents of my "fun" drawer to another, much safer location (I have some snoopers in my family, God love 'em, but better safe than sorry).

So, after dining on some uber-authentic Chinese food at PF Changs (snort...but I do love that Spicy Chicken. I makes my eyebrows sweat. And I like it.), we came home to a big box of birthday fun waiting for me on our deck. 3 man hours, and 1892345 pieces later (thanks babe!), I had this wonderfulness...

Thanks mom and dad!

This gift pleased the almost brithday girl very much, as she had previously planned on grilling the 12 steaks she bought for that night on a small girl scout like campfire next to the deck.

Which reminds me, reason #9485763482716365485 I am old, going to the House of Meats is on par with the birth of my kids, it's that exciting. I could spend hours just standing in front of the glass oogling the big hunks of meat. Plus, filling my cart with fresh meat wrapped tight in thick clean paper, well, it's about as orgasmic as it comes for this girl! I know, I know, there are lots of red flag, Freudian issues here, don't worry, I am seeing someone about them (my butcher..hey...where's the rimshot? Is this thing on?).

So, with a freakishly clean house, 12 huge hunks of steak sizzling away on my new pretty grill, and a fridge full of beer and wine, we celebrated my almost old age. Everyone ate and drank until they were about to burst...and until I about passed out of like 9:30-10:00ish...ugh, I hate being almost old.

Now, let's see what today (my actual, for real, honest to goodness birthday...gag) brings. I'll just sit on the couch watching DVR'ed Top Chef until hubby wakes up to make my surprise birthday breakfast that I laid out on the counter for him.


Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

hope you enjoyed your surprise breakfast! LOL. Great gift too. They really need to sell those suckers assembled!

Happy Birthday Brittany

lamb said...

whose your pick for Top Chef?? LOVE that show