Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cheers Wee One

Did you know I gave birth to my youngest boy a year ago today, Friday the 13th, with a midnight marathon of The Office on TBS playing in the background?

This explains why he always says "That's what she said" when I tell him to stop touching his pee pee.

Anyways, this also marks the official start of twin month, because for the next 30 days, I am the proud mommy of two one year olds.

A few years from now, they will hate me. I never thought I would be the kind of mom that dresses my kids alike, but here I am, matchy matchy, guilty as charged. Everyone asks if they are twins anyways, and it's easier to just say yes, than deal with the mouth dropping, and having to explain how fuzzy the birds and the bees get after a few beers.

Back to the birthday fun, we hosted the big first birthday extravaganza yesterday. Which actually began with a midnight marathon of cupcake making Friday night...ridiculous amounts of thanks to my friend Emily, as without her baking savvy, I would have been left with nothing to show for but a fig newton with a candle in it. Some Crisco frosting and a Martha Stewart magazine page later...tada!

Besides the adorable cupcakes, the chicken wings were a hit, as was the Asian slaw and fresh fruit salad. Not even my crazy in laws reminding me my shirt was too low cut, or asking me twenty times why I was serving alcohol at a kids birthday party (duh, you did RSVP yes, how else would I get through the day?) broke down my chipper facade. And yes...judging from virtually all the pictures on our camera...turns out my shirt was a tad too low cut. Eh, you live, you learn. Gotta enjoy the girls while they are still gravitating above my belly button...and those days are numbered.

It was exhausting. I was already three under, and in no mood to try and pick out the smashed cake from my poor jute rug, so I instituted a mandatory household nap...which brings me to today, the actual anniversary of when I was, feet in the air, pushing my almost nine pound wonder out. No epidural, mind you. I figure, I just did it, like, almost 11 months earlier, things should still be pretty limber down there. And out he all but walked out, all cute and gooey and...well...gooey.

Luckily today, one year later, the goo is gone (actually, this all depends on what you consider to be goo), and he keeps getting cuter by the day.

So cheers to you little one, you made it through your first year.

And take note, all future birthday parties will be combined, low key, and, probably, with much more cleavage.


Emily said...

I'm so proud of our cupcakes! They turned out cute, AND they were yummy.

As far as the goo being gone, the drool-covered sweatshirt I wore yesterday would beg to differ.

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

Those cupcakes look great girls!!! Yeah I know about the low top thing. We had pictures posted at the girl's school of some event with my boobs hanging out! Your soooo lucky to learn your lesson already!

Amy said...

My husband didn't mind the boobs. ;)

I'm a Texan. said...

Just one blogger to another...I'm a bit addicted to your site. I can always count on you for an out-loud laugh and I thank you for that! Stop by sometime:
on the chisum trail

Lilly's Life said...

Wow - you are funny! And I have a preference for anything leopard skin so I am a bit partial to those shoes on your header. I will be back. Lovely to read something that one, you can identify with and two, that makes you laugh. Well done!