Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Worms in our bellies

"Ma! Derf een moof. DERF EEN MOOF!"

Translation: "Mommy, don't look now, but there is literally two fist fulls of dirt and other organic material in my mouth. Probably a bug or two as well. And I am eating it. Would you like to eat some too?"

Gee's, while it looks yummy sweetie, mommy is still full from the dirty rock you tried to toss into my mouth earlier, only to completely miss and almost take my eye out. Thanks for thinking of me though.

It's Earth Day, and in true Earth Day style, we spent most of our time outside, planting things and eating dirt. Screw Whole Foods, you can't get any more organic than dirt, so you can just come down from your faux green pedestal, ya semi-organic profit machine.

While the boys and I spent our day covered in dirt from head to shoeless toe, hubby watched from the deck...in sneakers...like always. It seems, the woman I married refuses to let fresh air ever reach his poor feet, no matter what the temperature. Despite my prodding, he feels that his stinky, sock covered feet need protection, at all costs. Apparently, he doesn't think my flip flop induced calluses are sexy, but can he walk across our stone driveway barefoot without screaming like a little girl? No? I think I've made my point.

His loss, we all took a vote, and the majority has spoken, feeling things with your toes is the way to go.

And we did just that.

And then we, and by we, I mean not me, but rather the toddlers, but hubby says it is we because I just stood by and willing allowed this to occur, therefore, implicating myself as well...anyways...we also ate lots of dirt today. But, this turn of events in no way phases me, because:

A. Do I seriosuly need to pull the trite "God made Dirt, so dirt don't hurt" card? Because you can't argue with God on Earth Day.
2. I really had nothing planned for lunch, just veggie corn dogs. And I am pretty sure organic + organic = free pass to heaven...or at least enough good karma to make up for the in law bashing I did last night.
III. I...got nothing. But, it's just dirt, people. Get over it. Do we really need to list the disgusting things you have probably had in your mouth? How much time do we have?

In summation, Happy Earth Day.

And, while I try to keep all things political behind closed lips, or in the privacy of my bedroom as I hurl vulgarities at CSPAN...Go Obama!



Kaye said...

Wow, i reaaly like your blog and the template is awesome, minimalist BUT awesome. Interesting topics as well. keep it up !
from one mommy to another ^_^

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

Their were days when I would have been so happy to identify some of the things in the girls mouths as dirt!