Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A spoonfull of...sugar.

Some people are picky about what goes in their mouths.

I am not one of them. Obviously.

I won't eat bugs or bull penis, I'll leave that fun to the big boobed thrill seekers/underwear models on Fear Factor.

But, I am a big supporter of the 5-10 second rule, I'll take a bite off most anyone's fork as long as they have no visible open mouth wounds, and I am totally cool with doing a body shot off a hairy homeless man in the dead of summer.

I assumed this gene was in my family, as my brother has definitely swallowed his share of live goldfish, but apparently not.

While eating a big bowl of cake and ice cream, my mom shunned, shunned, my two year old from taking a bite from her bowl.

Exhibit A
Yikes, what would lead to such unacceptable granmother behavior? If you ask me, nothing, except extreme selfishness. Kids love puppies, rainbows, toys and ice cream. Everyone knows this. Grandmothers should especially know this, it's in the handbook...or maybe someone famous said it...Jesus, I bet it was Jesus, he was known for saying important things like this.

Apparently, she is claiming that her shameful act was not due to coveting, but rather because of this...

Exhibit B
And also this...
Exhibit C

Yeah, so my kid walked around all day with his favorite spoon in his diaper. Big whoop. And yeah, he may have done a lot of running around and sweating, and also let the dog have at it a bit, I can think of worse things.

These memories are priceless old lady, so suck it up and share your ice cream grandma.


Not Just Any Jen said...

OMG, that is so my life! Hilarius!

Brittany said...

Jen...yeah...I don't remember reading about any of this in any baby books...endless surprises!

Natalie said...

ow...ow...ow...my head hurts and now i can't stop laughing. ow! seriously i think it is going to explode!

Emily said...

From B: "Well, there's nothing wrong with the kid running around with his spoon in his diaper...as long as he doesn't load it up before he eats."

Jan said...

You crack me up. :-)))

Deb said...

You got a true LOL from me on that one. Those photos are priceless!

Brittany said...

Natalie..I know! my kids are weirdos!

Emily...I can't vouch for what was in the diaper at any given time.

Jan...Thanks, we are chock full of crazy around these parts!

Deb...thanks! I can't wait to show them to their future dates!