Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The greatest show on earth.

Wait, what's that? The circus has come to town you say? But where is the smell of popcorn and roasting peanuts? Where are the clowns? Where the elephant poop?

Oh wait. I'm not at the circus. I'm just standing in my backyard.

Why is everything so extreme these days? Why are they selling giant blow up Moonwalks at Walmart? What happened to a trusty old sprinkler or slip and slide (ouch, anyone remember accidentally catching your leg or arm one of the spikes on the way down?)? What kind of person puts the $400 Super Mega Typhoon Blow Up Water Park with 20 foot inflatable Slide of Doom in their backyard?

*Cut to me walking down the sidewalk pushing little kids off their bikes with my cane and muttering about how they are all lazy spoiled brat punk delinquents.*

But, seriously. Is it too much to ask for just a baby pool, maybe a bubble mower? Not everything needs to be motorized and have kung foo grip to be fun (this is all a battery company conspiracy, I tell ya!) .

I remember when I was little, my brother and I had tons of fun playing outside with nothing more than a hula hoop, a broken mercury thermometer, an old piece of hose, and three sticks. We were the MacGyvers of outside fun.


ali said...

OMG--the slip and slide! I really think the company in charge of that one thought it was such a great idea that they skipped testing and sent it straight to the stores. ::shudder::

Natalie said...

yeah...we played with rocks, leaves, dirt, and a ball. i can't imagine having to buy all the latest things to keep my kids happy. i especially can't imagine buying a bounce house. are you kidding me? those are for special occasions! like the school carnival or maybe, quite possibly, renting one for a birthday party...but that is it!

sarah said...

i found your blog via sarah nielson's and i am hooked! maybe one day i'll move past my steady diet of turkey sandwiches and pringles, actually cook something, and use some of your tasty-lookin' recipes.

Kristen Andrews said...

looks my yard my house too it is like a toy explosion! All of the toys drive me crazy. When I was a kid just a simple hose fight was enough most days! How can we simplify, I just can't do it!

Sandy C. said...

ROFL! This is so true. I have no idea what Wal-mart sells these kinds of things. All we had as kids outside were our bikes, and perhaps some rubber bands. Hours of fun!

I had to go to a discount store to find me a plain 'ol kiddie wading pool without any bells and whistles :(

lamb said...

give me or anyone i knew a stick and a ditch, and we were as good as gone until dinner time

Brittany said...

Ali...I know, those spike things that held it in place would rip your flesh off! ever make a cheapo one with a tar[ and tent stakes? Don't do it. I have scars.

Natalie...I agree. Aside for the sheer enormity of it, call me old, but how much electricity does it even take to power a an inflatable bounce house on a daily basis?!

Sarah...Thank you so much for stopping by, and extra thanks for posting, love it! And there is not a thing wrong with turkey sandwiches and pringles, especially when we had bacon strips and cheetos for dinner was a rough night...I am ashamed.

Kristen...Well you if figure out a way to not buy all the crap us moms get roped into buying, please let me know. I could easily do without the garage full of power wheels.

Sandy...OMG that is brilliant, I hadn't even thought of the dollar store!

Lamb...I know! We would be gone all day, come home dirty as hell, and no one would ask any questions.

Sarah said...

So true! So True! Kids have forgotten how to just "go play." I tell them to go do something on their own, and they look at me like I just asked them to invent an alternative fuel or something.

Politi Gal said...

After having watched my two nieces (ages and 5, and cute as buttons) play together at my parents house while they were in town this past week, I gotta say the store bought "stuff" really can't compete with the found magic that appears when kids get their hands on "stuff" thats just laying around.

An empty box became the bed where one of the girls put her baby doll for naps, tucking a kitchen towel over it as a blankie. The other girl found an old stuffed toy I had as a kid, and carried it with her everywhere.

It was soo cute watching them play together.