Saturday, June 14, 2008

I know this much is true...

1. Putting toothpaste with fluoride on a zit before you go to bed will dry it up by morning.

2. Too much black eye liner makes me look like a hooker.

3. Strapless bras don't work for me....ever.

4. My kids will always ruin my spray tan before it's dry with snot and goo.

5. Panty liners make great breast pads if you get stuck with leaking boobs in public while pregnant or nursing.

6. Saying the word prune when you are posing for a picture gives you the best lip pout ever (thanks Mary Kate and Ashley).

7. My mother in law will always come over on the night we have Cheetos and pre-cooked bacon strips for dinner. Always.


Lisa said...

Too funny! And too true!

ali said...

Now whenever I see pics of the Olsens I'm gonna be thinking "Prrruuuuunnnne!"

Natalie said... that's a new one!

i look more like i am constipated when i say the word prune for some reason.

thankfully my mother-in-law lives in california which is eleventy billion miles away so i don't ever expect her to just drop by. and when she does i expect her to bring cheetos and pre-cooked bacon strips since we don't have those here!

Bee said...

Okay, I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT agree with you on the toothpaste thing! My hubs always thinks I'm a fruitcake when I do it but the truth is in the puddin'!

And the leaky boob thing? I'll give my sis that advice. I don't have children but she just had a baby.

Emily said...

I'm filing that panty liner tidbit away for reference in the not-too-distant future.

Politi Gal said...

Well that explains why the guy I'm dating looks so adorable when he calls me miss Purdy Poon. Eh...who knew? Poon...prune...that lovable bastard.

Not Just Any Jen said...

Does you MIL read your blog? My aunt is the same exact way. She ALWAYS comes to my house at a time when I have lost all control. It is uncanny.

Grandy said...

HA! Funny list!! It's been a while since I needed breat pads, but I'm quite certain my mother in law knows about the mac'n'cheese nite.