Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello, my name is Brittany, and I am addicted to pancakes, the internet and Gossip Girl.

I know I should be ashamed, but I'm not.

What are you addicted to, friends?

Oh, and no one say puppies, rainbows or baby laughs...because we all know that's not true.


Dejoni said...

I'm addicted to the following...
carbs-especially pancakes and bread, Vodka Collins, the internet, my husband's cologne, pedicures, Perez Hilton, Matt Lauer and David Beckham...

schwartz said...

Fine. Since you deny me my love of puppies...Unicorns, Punky Brewster and kittens.

Kandace said...

Are you ready?

The Hills

I know, I know I'm 30 years old with 2 kids and I can't stop freaking watching.

Also? I love me some Pico de gallo. I can't stop eating it. I put it everything....eggs, sandwichs, chips. In fact I plan our meals around it. It's out of control.

P.S. We follow suit and took the kids to pick strawberries this weekend :)

The Mom said...

You look good in 3 columns!

Oh and if you read me today, you'll feel better!

All hail today is Addiction Day!

Brittany said...

Dejoni...Good list! I LOVE Perez! I check him about 10 times a it horrible I now check him before

Schwartz...I was gonna kick your ass for the unicorns and kittens, but you redeemed yourself with Punky Brewster.

Kandace...I too, love the Hills. It you admit to also watching the MTV Gauntlet/Inferno/RW RR Challenges...we could be sisters. I must try pico on eggs, I usually coat mine in hot sauce, so I would probably love it! How was strawberry picking? Isn't it the most kid friendly activity ever!?!?!

Mom...Thanks, it is all thanks TO YOU! You rock, I am so eternally grateful you showed me how to do this. I love it! Just let me know when you want me to come over and hook you up to a caffine IV:)

Laura said...

potato chips and french onion dip. It's so bad that I can't purchase them at a store. if we go to a picnic and they are there, don't you EVEN think about going near them, they are MINE!

Fiesty Charlie said...


Does obsessively checking the strip club for new messages on the sign out front count?

Margaritas, hot tubs and Twitter, all at once...

Oh yeah, and a blog called Musings of a Barefoot Foodie... {grin}

All good addictions if you ask me!

Marie said...

Ahhhh pancakes. They sure are good. :) I would say my new addiction are cupcakes specifically and only from Georgetown Cupcakes ( Oh so good!

lamb said...

being too opinionated
thinking about writing blogs
homemade fruit roll ups
the price of diesel
my animals' happiness

Not Just Any Jen said...

Well, I guess I am addicted to the computer too. After being gone all weekend, I say I am happy to be home, and hubby comments, I bet you missed the computer.

I am addicted to microwave popcorn and Starbucks Double-Shot on ice.

P.S. Sorry about the Air Supply comment. Hope I didn't offend ;)

Shelly... said...

Perez Hilton rocks and my husband is totally addicted to him as well. Cracks me up. Have you also checked out My other addictions include Del Taco restaurant, Starbucks Americano's, margaritas on the rocks and puppies...breath.

Sandy C. said...

I'm an indiscriminant caffeine junkie. Coffee, soda, chocolate, tea....I'll take it anyway I can get it.

Oh yes, any just about any show on MTV *hangs head in shame*

Bee said...

Coffee always and Edy's popsicles in the summer.

Natalie said...

diet coke, internet, taking pictures, but that is all. there are no other bad addictions in my life. none. my lips are sealed...

Emiline said...

1. Strong coffee

2. Buttered toast

3. Cookie dough ice cream

4. Weeds

And I've never told anyone this, but, I watch The Hills too. :(
It really is a stupid show. But I watch it. you think Audrina is going to move out? Probably, right?
Heidi should have taken the Las Vegas job. Spencer is a prick.

ali said...

The internet, my new camera, and Keith and the Girl podcasts. I promise I'm not a geek in real life!

IRISHKAT said..., chocolate, coffee, sleep and I too suffer from internet addiction. Is there a support group out there??

Jim Gerl said...


I just voted for your blog for Bloggers Choice Awards.

Would you please return the favor at:



Brittany said...

Laura...Oh I love french onion dip! I especially love it with pretzels!

Charlie...I love ya!

Marie...Cupcakes are heaven. little cakes=less fat...therefor they are healthfood!

Lamb...cussing, definitely a necessity.

Jen...You so didn't offend me, why would you? Because I have an Air Supply Rules trampstamp??? :)

Shelly...Wow, thanks for giving me another outlet to waste hours on pouring of celeb gossip! My hubby thanks you also:)

Sandy...I am doing the walk of shame with you...stupid weekend marathons get me hooked every time.

Bee...Cherry is the best!

Natalie...Ok, spill it...

Emiline...Oh I totally think she is gonna move out, and Lo is the devil. Heidi is so an idiot for not taking the job, but maybe people in Vegas are less appreciative of noses that look like they are made of silly putty. Is it horrible I am loving Stephanie...I feel so dirty about it.

Ali...I googled Keith and the girl, and it was so funny. I am a dorky Bob and Tom junkie, and this is a super fun uncensored version of it:)

Irish...I think we are each others support group at the moment...we have all outed ourselves as pathetic internet junkies, and that is the first step.

Jim...done, and thanks for the vote and the visit:)

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...


Sarah said...

Dear Foodie, I'm a slave to the coffee bean and horrible reality television. The cheesier the better.

Fiesty Charlie said...

Brittany... Natalie failed to mention what goes on those "sealed lips?"

Natalie can you say "Carmex?" I know, because she got my 2 year old hooked on it in two short days!


Average Girl In Average World said...

Diet Pepsi Max, Perez Hilton, bloogging