Sunday, June 1, 2008

When the silence is deafening...

Here I am, trying to think of something brilliant to write.'s quiet. After a long day of hubby spending quality "me" time with his brother at some airplane bullshit event, I have decided he gets to handle snacks, tubby time, and watching Shrek, which leaves me...alone. Hmmm...something brilliant. Any yet....nothing....just randomness. The kind that plagues me when I should be relaxing and feeling zen. I am a worrier. Like, in a freakish kind of way, so much so, I am actually medicated. But, does that stop the worry? Nope. It just stops the hyperventilation, tachycardia and double vision.

Alas, I am left to walk the moments of peace and quiet in a sea of randomness and angst.

Bring on the bullet points.

1. I think in the summer, it should be perfectly acceptable to have a beer with every meal, even breakfast. Even with pre-breakfast breakfast.

2. When it comes to the Babysitters Club, I always wanted to be Stacy McGill. She was cool, from California and had diabetes. I am not sure why that was a draw for me back then. Anyways, I remember trying to form a Babysitters Club with my friends in grade school, but we never actually babysat anyone. We just sat around, making lists of people we knew with kids...and then not call them. We mostly ate candy and talked about how we would spend the money we wouldn't earn not babysitting. I planned to buy a new pair of Eastlands, and maybe a giant NKOTB pin.

3. Did you know Flavor Flav is a classically trained pianist? Thank God the clap doesn't effect your finger tips.

4. Even though your profile is private on Myspace sweetie, you decided to befriend the 1o Year High School Reunion I am not saying you don't have the right to Myspace blog that me and my friends were bitches in high school, and everyone back home can suck it now that you are living your cool big city life...I'm just saying I can actually read everything you write...because you accepted the 10 Year High School Reunion page as a friend...remember? Sooo....can't wait to catch up with you in '09...go bulldogs!

5. Tonight we watched Password. Neil Patrick Harris was a celebrity player and I swear Regis kept giving him words like out and sailor on purpose. And, he kept asking him if he wanted to be the giver or the receiver...alright Regis, that's enough. You leave hunky gay NPH alone, and quit calling him Doogie, he hates that.

I went on to play a game of password with my oldest, here is how it went down.

Toddler: Pleck.
Me: Meatloaf?
Toddler: Looorft.
Me: Row boat?
Toddler: EEEPTTTT!
Me: Um.....grandma?

Damn it, the word was waddle.

6. I want another baby, but my husband says we can't until I prove I can remember to feed the dog three nights in a row. I guess that is going to have to start tomorrow...

7. I miss Studio 60 so much it hurts on my insides.


Brittany said...

I always wanted to be Claudia, because she had her sexy boyfriend Logan. I mean, I know Stacy had like a million guys all over her all the time- but I prefer the one man madly in love with me.
And judging from the cover art- Logan was HOT.
Plus it would suck ASS to have diabetes.

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

I miss Studio 60, too.

A lot of people poo-pooed that show, but I liked it.

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

I like your random posts with bullet points. It seems to be how my mind works and I am always apologizing to people who can;t keep up with it!!! Maybe I just need to tell them to picture the bullet points!

Another baby??? Get another dog. They don't need to eat as often right?

Politi Gal said...

Love this post. I often find myself compulsively worrying about the dumbest things, so I can relate. I'm guessing the randomness and angst are among the grains of sand in that restless mind of yours that produce the pearls the rest of us love finding in each of your posts and are addicted to.

(BTW, I loved when Regis suggested that one of the female contestants might be hot enough to give Neil Patrick Harris second thoughts, and the camera cut to NPH wincing.)

Brittany said...

Brittany...Oh good call! I forgot about Logan, and Claudia always had the funnest room ever!

Joz...I hear ya. I LOVED that show so much, I cried when it ended.

Judy...OMG how true! A baby is so the cheaper and easier way to go! Plus, i won't gain weight:) I love your flattery:) And I just wanted to say, i think we are long lost twins...I was SO wanting to write that part about Regis, but I couldn't put it into words properly...and you SO did! It was hilarious!!!!

Laura said...

So I couldn't wait to stalk all my fellow high schoolers... but no one is friends with the class of reunion myspace account! I'm so jealous that you can stalk those type of people!

Joy the Baker said...

You completely made me laugh out loud. Your Myspace musing are hilarious. As someone who is also having a high school reunion next year, I can totally relate. I had some reunion drama myself. And it's not even 2009...! How ridiculous is that!? Hope you're remembering to feed the dog!

Gypsy at Heart said...

I'm liking your blog a lot too. Thanks for stopping by mine and I really appreciated the lovely comment.

Amy said...

Wasn't Logan Mary Anne's boyfriend??? 'Cause she was the shy one with the strict father, but still got a hot boyfriend anyway??

I liked Stacey's handwriting the best.


I am with you on the STudio 60 show too!! Glad I found your site!

Henry K. said...

LOL! You are totally hilarious! And random! I love it. I am totally bookmarking you!

Natalie said...

i never saw studio 60. that must have been on while we have lived overseas. i guess i could google it to see what i missed, but then again...what's the point? it's over. sigh. i miss all the good stuff!

and i love the bullet points, too! my life often seems random. if i can't post bullet points or a 3 sentence blog post or a slew of pictures then there would be nothing to post. blog on sista!

FoN said...

Oh, the pull of social websites and stupid bitches we went to high school with. I just wrote about my own experience yesterday. Let me sum up - I guess I suck now.