Friday, May 30, 2008

Why I love my mama.

Random conversation as we plant flowers in my garden.

Mom: Neil Diamond seems like such a nice guy, it is really surprising his son never went into music.
Me: Oh yeah? Hand me the little shovel please.
Mom: Then again, he is kinda known for that squeaky voice.
Me: Who is this?
Mom: Neil Diamond's son.
Me: Right, who is his son?
Mom: Dustin Diamond.
Me: What! Mom, Dustin Diamond is not Neil Diamond's son.
Mom: Yes he is.
Me: The guy who played Screech is not Neil Diamond's son.
Mom: I think you are wrong.
Me: No, ma, Dustin Diamond had a sex tape, I don't think any son of the great Neil Diamond would have a sex tape, or appear on Celebrity fit club.
Mom: Well that doesn't sound right, I better look it up on the world wide web.
Me: Whatever it takes, ma.


Not Just Any Jen said...

what?!?!? Not Neil Diamond's son! Cute you garden together.

lamb said...

OH MAN! i thought i was the only one that called their mom "ma".


Anonymous said...

Your conversations with the "ma" sound an awful like the ones I have with my momma! LOL neil diamonds son!

Elisa said...

LOL, that's really funny. My mom is also just learning to google stuff and she gets totally lost, LOL

Brittany said...

I know, it is a shocking revelation, but my mom thinks anyone who has the same last name is related.

And yes, I totally call her ma, but it's usually all whiney and drawn out like maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....