Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fighting the good fight


A girl finally shaves above her knee cap, puts a dress on, meets some other ladies for dinner, drinks excessively...and that automatically means they are going to see Sex and the City?

Well, we're not.

Apparently, that table of cougars to left is, as they gulp their flirtinis, adjust their wrinkly cleavage in their leopard halters, and argue over which one is "Carrie." Thaaaat's a tough call, but my vote goes to the one wearing a shirt that says "I want to be your M.I.L.F.

No, Mr. Waiter, I resent that insinuation. Not that I don't love me some SATC, but if I would have shown up to dinner with khakis, a brown fedora, a 5 o'clock shadow, and Calista Flockhart, would you automatically assume I was seeing Indiana Jones? No.

Thank God I was wearing my WWGSD bracelet (What Would Gloria Steinem do). It gives me the strength to speak up about such sexist implications. I refuse to compromise my feminine integrity.

Buuuuttt....if you comp the next round, we'll forget the whole thing.

And I am totally a Carrie.


schwartz said...

haha, wrinkly cleavage. Thats a visual I will not be able to forget without at least 4 flirtinis!

J.Danger said...

Oh I just found your blog and I love it!


Amanda said...

Hmmm... a flirtini. That sounds good.

Btw, I am Charlotte. :)

The Mom said...

Another Charlotte!

Natalie said...

i think i am the only one who has never seen sex in the city. of course we don't get it over here so i have a good excuse. i did notice the movie is out here, but since i haven't ever seen the show the movie hasn't really appealed to me. the flirtinis; however, sound delightfully wonderful.

schwartz said...

So this got me thinking, Which SATC girl am I? I took 3 quizzes online...I mean everything on the internet is totally trustworthy and factual, right?
the results:
1. I am a Charlotte
2. I am a Carrie
3. I am 50% Carrie and 30% Charlotte

So it seems I have a pretty clear 50/50 going on here. Very Interesting.

Emily said...

I've not taken a quiz, but I would guess I'm either Miranda or Charlotte (or some combo thereof). I'm definitely not a Carrie.

schwartz said...

OMG, Emily, you are totally a Miranda. To a T!