Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

I have s special place in my heart for video stores. My parents owned one for a bit growing up, so I have many a fond memory of nights at the store eating popcorn and watching Howard the Duck (freakiest avian related movie ever. I couldn't sleep for a week.). So, you would think I have some sort of camaraderie or respect for the fellow video store-ians.

This does not seem to be the case. I have been blacklisted from pretty much every video store in a three town radius.

And for what? Napoleon Dynamite, DeLovely, Year of the Dog, and Employee of the Month.

In all fairness, I only kept Employee of the Month because the store went out of business two weeks after I rented it, and that just isn't a reasonable amount of tie for me to drive over there and drop it in the slot.

But, out of a sudden desperate need to watch Blades of Glory, and realizing I did not own this gem, I had to tuck my tail between my legs, go into the local video store, and face the music. As it turns out, all of my video-related debauchery was not done in my own name...sorry mom and hubby. Soooo...I was able to procure myself a shiny new membership card, fine free!

Somebody please call me tomorrow before 11pm and remind me to get my ass over there to return it.


Saturday Nikki, Cassie, and I, along with our respective adorable offspring, completed our second turn at the Easter Seals charity walk event. We were the 3rd highest fund raising team, behind Century 21 and Mass mutual...damn big business!

Despite my screaming child in the picture, we had a blast walking the kids through the zoo, and even more fun stuffing our faces with hot dogs and mac n cheese at the finish line.

And poured. And not in a romantic "Notebook" kind of way, more in an "Oh shit this is totally going to make my hot dog bun soggy, my nipples hard and wash off my spray tan" kind of way.

In hindsight, I will not tie dye our matching team shirts the night before the event...especially if it is due to rain that skin was stained blue from my boobs to my belly button. My hubby even tried to coin the phrase "smurf lovin" when I got home, but I just wasn't feelin' it.


I have the best friends ever, and because they are all endlessly creative and fun (even when they're sober, and that's hard to come by!), to add some spice to an otherwise humid and dull summer, we decided to do a super secret summer gift exchange through

We had a $15 limit, as we can't cut too deep into our diaper and booze funds, and the deadline is tomorrow for delivery.

Well, tonight, as I was playing in the living room with the boys, I saw a shadow of someone creeping onto my front porch. I was totally startled, so much so, that I whipped open the door, despite only having on a t shirt and a Biore Blackhead Pore strip across my nose.

Alas, I was too late, she was already back in her car and backing out, but I was overjoyed to find a cute bag of goodies on my porch!

So, Lisa my almost sister in law, thank you so fucking much! It was the most perfect gift ever! Aside from the yummy Lip Smacker lip glosses (pink lemonade and strawberry banana!), I also got these to-die-for flip flops! Notice the adorable bow and little flower charms, that totally negates the need to wear a toe ring (klassy!)!

P.S. Sorry for the icky foot shot. I figure this will either turn some of you on, or gross some of you out. Either way, I am excited to venture out and expand my fetish readership.


lamb said...

what the hell do you call that nail polish color? i hope that didn't come in the bag...

despite that, ill still have blog love for you. (:

Emily said...

Congrats on the video store membership! Use it wisely.

Those flip flops are so cute! Lisa kicks ass!

And, what, no mention of tie dying? I'm glad my participation in your weekend was so noteworthy.

Kelli said...

Once again, very entertaining. I'm guessing you're a freakin' riot to hang out with.

Natalie said...

ok...i'm loving the blonde hair! why haven't we seen this before now?

and i have a shoe addiction. i would say fetish, but i know i would be corrected. (i don't worship shoes for their magical powers or have some sexual connection to them...i was forced to look up the word fetish once when i used it in connection with my shoe addiction) i am not so crazy about feet. but yours look cute in your new flip flops so i am not grossed out. i'm sure i have weirded you out!'s only 8am. i can't be responsible for anything said after overnight guests, migraine medicine, and early mornings.

Not Just Any Jen said...

Good job at the fundraiser! Cute picture of you and your friends!
Oh, neutral on the foot thing. Cute shoes!

My kids try to eat that flavorful lipgloss.

schwartz said...

Great gift from Lisa!
And I agree that the rain was not 'movie sexy' rain at all.

Thanks again for the ride!

J.Danger said...

they are cute!

Nail polish to match the tie dye shirts?


p.s.- still reading!

Lisa Marie said...

Youre welcome Britt! I am so glad you like them. They look so cute on your tootsies :) lol

Brittany said...

Lamb...are you seriously fucking hating on my blue nailpolish!?!?! FYI, it matched our blue team shirts, and when I do something, I go big or go home:)

Emily...Giiirrrllll....You are right, I shoudl have mentioned it in my weekend wrap up, but since I didn't, I will allot it it's very own special post!

Kelli...That's the word on the street:)

Natalie...I don't know if you remember back, but I dyed it a few months ago in the middle of my quarter life crisis:) And, your weirdness is why I love you, keep it coming:)

Jen...Apparently mine do too, so I am hiding it.

Schwartz...Sorry I didn't make out with you like in the Notebook.

Danger...YES! It was to match, sheesh, some people (couchLAMBcough) freaked out over the nail polish, but I am so glad you were able to make the connection. you are my smartest reader ever!

Lisa...I love you!

J.Danger said...

ever? really?! yes!