Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 5th of July!

The 5th of July is often overshadowed by the much hyped 4th, but the 5th is where the party is. See, independence may have been declared on the 4th, but that was mostly a day of paperwork and bureaucracy, now the 5th, that was the day for the booze and prostitutes.

So, being the stickler for historical accuracy I am, I chose to celebrate and wish you all good tidings on the 5th, the actual day of revolutionary throwin' down and getting laid.

And, in an effort to clear my conscious, I should tell you I had every intention of coming on and wishing you all a Happy 4th, and telling you all to stay safe, eats lots, let freedom ring, blah blah...but, the truth is, I spent the whole afternoon trying to perfect a sangria recipe...aaaannnddd, it''s safe to say I never quite made it to the keyboard...

I hope you all had a blast, please enjoy this cell phone quality picture of us freaking out the kiddos at the fireworks spectacular (aka lighting giant illegal fireworks out of coffee cans in the back yard and trying not to die), and continue to rock it out the rest of the weekend!

P.S. Thanks for all the cards, flowers and well wishes, my eyebrows are doing much better. Things were touch and go for a while there, but, thankfully, most of the scabs have fallen off (seriosuly, no one eat the pasta salad) and besides being a friendly shade of orangey blond and this one small area where the skin is kinda hanging off, things look semi-normal. Lesson learned.


Natalie said...

that is a great picture of the family! and from where i'm sitting your eyebrows look fabulous!

i gave you an award on my blog...well...because you deserve it!

Trooper Thorn said...

You are so right about the Next Day being the best day. Boxing Day in Canada is better than Xmas beause all the present nonsense is over, the relatives have gone, but the food and booze is still there.

If you can resist the Boxing Day sales (my daughter can't), it's just Bowl Games, beer and turkey sandwiches.

lamb said...

holy fucking shit.
dont be alarmed by this, but WHAT are the chances you used theknot when you were getting married???

ill be damned if your husband doesnt look painfully familiar from a girl that used to post when i was getting married.

and if this is not u, pretend i wasnt a wedding natzi obsessed with the evil that is wedding planning.

Not Just Any Jen said...

I clearly remember standing out by the road at my Grandma's with a big sign reading "Happy 5th of July" and shouting at every car that passed. For hours, this was entertaining. The day after RAWKS.

A side note, you totally crack me up! I am in serious awe of your humor.