Thursday, July 24, 2008

Proof I have a problem

Ok, here is the deal.

I had a coke tonight, thus breaking my 14 month long soda free existence. I suck and I don't want to talk about it...which means I totally will, but not until tomorrow-ish.

I do feel ashamed about the whole thing, but not as ashamed as I am of ABC.

I mean, really ABC!?

You cancel such amazing shows as What About Brian, Men in Trees and October Road...and replace them with winners like Wipe Out and I survived a Japanese Game Show?

I mean, dumb asses trying to survive a doomed obstacle courses while the announcers endlessly mock them? Ya know, I really like liked that show...when it was called MXC.

I still haven't forgiven NBC for canceling Studio 60, or Showtime for canceling Dead Like Me.

I hold grudges. Oh yeah. Me holdy grudgey long time.

The only reason I granted NBC a temporary reprieve is for The Office, and if Showtime didn't have The Tudors, The L Word or Secret Diary of a Call Girl...they would still be dead to me.

And what do you have? Greys Anatomy? Pah-leez...that shit ain't been good since season one. So, this is my warning to you, you fuck up Dirty Sexy Money this season, and we are o-vah!

Thank God my DVR and I have my quality programming on the always classy CW (Gossip Girl and ANTM) and Bravo (PR and D-List baby).

What favorites have these selfish bastards canceled on you? Spill it.

Ok, I need another coke...and maybe some jack...


kel said...

I have to tell you something. I like Wipe Out. It's funny. Although, it might be slightly funnier due to the fact that I get to watch it with an extremely overgrown little boy (my boyfriend) and his BFF (our neighbor) who is equally an overgrown little boy. I'm sorry. Can you find it in your heart to still respect me?

Apologetically yours,

Mom Taxi Julie said...

We are on broken antenna tv here. That is why I live on the computer and read a lot.

I'm out of booze. You just made me want to sprint to the store. jackncokejackncoke.

kel said...

BTW....You are effing hilarious. Seriously

Emiline said...

Grey's Anatomy sucks. I hung in there for a season or two. Or three? I can't remember. Anyway, the point is, that show sucks. I used to like Desperate Housewives, but that show sucks too, now.

I LOVE Project Runway, D List, The Office, Weeds, and of course, Top Chef.
I can't think of anything that's been canceled lately, that disappoints me. I wish Arrested Development was still on. But that's old. Do you like Ugly Betty? I kind of like that gets stupid sometimes though.

Brittany said...

Kel...DAMMIT! Ugh...fine...I guess I still like you.

Mom Taxi...Oh yum, stock up on some mommy juice!

Emiline...Oh I forgot Top Chef! And AD was the best show ever! I have all the seasons and I get sad watching them. Did you know there is going to be an AD movie!?!?!?!?! Best news ever! And I do watch Ugly Betty, and it is stupid, but not as stupid as Greys.

Weith Kick said...

Ha! How funny! I love MXC! It's on my Tivo list, even though it's all repeats. Yeah, my wife still watches Grey's Anatomy. I don't know why. It's definitely jumped the shark. If you have HBO watch Flight of the Conchords, it's hilarious, and check out 30 Rock on NBC, too funny!

Anissa@Hope4Peyton said...

Hold a grudge? I'm still really pissed off they canceled "My So-Called Life" and "Freaks and Geeks". I WILL get my revenge.

Swirl Girl said...

I love Top Chef, So You think You can Dance, Project Runway and that's about it. Greys and Betty wore on me after a season or two. I would get up and walk off the table if I had bozo surgeons like them. Nobody talks like that! C'mon!

I don't watch much network tv anymore. Although I do like How I Met Your Mother and Two and Half Men on CBS.

Gimme back my HBO dramas ...

I do catch some Intervention on A & E. Makes me see just how lucky I am...and less guilty about my vices.

Now go have yourself a coke.

HeatherW said...

First off...congrats to going 14 months with out a soda!! I don't think I can go 14 minutes with out one. So I guess it isn't you that should be ashamed but me!! :)

I am so with you on October Road and What About Brian!! I swear I get so into the showes that I think they are real people...maybe I can find them and see what they are up to!! Studio 60...I even miss you too!! I mean did Matt and Harriet make it? Are they still together??

Anonymous said...

I've come to the sad realization that The Office will probably be the last scripted show I'll ever watch unless you have a sitcom in the works.

Kelley said...

Girl, we don't have 90% of those shows here in Oz. So quit your whining.

Oh and did I tell you you look hot today?

(like to add a bit of sweet to my sour)

AJ said...

I have been a food network fan for the last 12 years! I also discovered my love for HGTV about a year ago.

I do like Grey's, although they seemed to have sold out this last year. I like Ugly Betty, The Office, and Scrubs. My 4 year old loves to watch ANTM and GG with me:) Nothing like teaching her all the wrong things early!

alanna rose said...


Please tell me you accidentally listed October Road as a canceled show...please?

Average Girl In Average World said...

Well.....I don't have Cable OR Satellite....I refuse to pay $100 a month for TV.

So my CBS Monday Night Funnies, when they cancelled "New Adventures of Old Christine" I could have literally shot the TV. Hubby had a sympathy card ready when I got home that night.

SShhhh...I sneak over to my Mom's and watch Satellite. sshhhhhhh

Nap Warden said...

I'm sorry *rubbing eyes*, did you say you gave up Coke for FOURTEEN MONTHS?!? I must have read that wrong. I was diligently doing one Coke a day, then I fell off the wagon, now I'm back to two:P
I love me some Dirty Sexy Money, bring it it now...that is all.

Natalie said...

hm. when we were in the states in 2006 we watched a lot of hgtv. so much of that was new to us. all those house decorating shows...amazing. we also watched lost and whatever season of survivor was on. oh and more world series of poker than i care to even think about.

obviously i'm not a big tv watcher.

Brittany said...

Weith...When it comes to MXC, the older the better, it just means the jokes are raunchier! Oh, and I forgot to mention, I do LOVE me some 30 Rock!!

Anissa...Ugh, I even dyed my hair red like Angela from My So Called Life, Jordan Catellano was so hot.

Swirl...Oh snap, I love How I Met Your Mother, barney is hilarious! And SYTYCD is my summer gem, I watch it religiously!

Heather...I KNOW! I think about Harriet all the time:( thinks I need to write a pilot:)

Kelley...Why thank you, that definitely softened the blow!

AJ...The values one can pick up from ANTM and GG are priceless, don't doubt yourself for a second! Sorry.

Average...They canceled Christine? I watched that show sometimes, that's too bad!

Nap...Yes, I did it. The headaches the first few weeks were killer, but I got through it...until yesterday. How i missed the sting of the soda going down my throat...ahhh...

Natalie...Well, I am really not a total TV whore, I just DVR everything and watch it at night when there are only infomercials on because I can never sleep!

J.Danger said...

I don't know what channel it was on, but I cried when I finally realized the strike was over but Pushing Daisies was not back on. Swear to you- cried, in front of my husband. And I still daydream about turning on the tv and finding the start of a new season of Six Feet Under.

It's a hard knock life for me.

Misty said...

honestly, the Studio 60 thing really sent me over the edge last year. That was such an amazingly quality show... I LOVED it!

Jennifer said...

I went "off" Coke about a year ago and I had a sip last night--couldn't drink it! It tasted gross to me (and I was a hardcore addict for a long time.)

Wasn't canceled, just ended--but i will never get over missing Six Feet Under. My all-time fave show. I miss it so...

Love Office, Top Chef and Pro. Runway.

Oh, and i miss What About Brian too--that was a great show!!

The Mom said...

Hub and I love Studio 60 too...dammit.

Bethany said...

OH.I HEAR YOU GIRL! I swear... you are my soul sista! I'm so glad I found your blog.

I THOUGHT WHAT ABOUT BRIAN WAS COMING BACK... AND SAY IT ISN'T SOO....I LOVED OCTOBER ROAD! BUT, I also liked Reunion {CANCELLED} Windfall {b/c I still <3 Dylan McKay... CANCELLED} Growing up Gotti {don't laugh at me! CANCELLED} Dirt {yep... you guessed it CANCELLED} And that weird show where the girl went all psycho and had the 666 in her eye? Can't remember what that was called!

And you do know that the L word, is only going to run for 6 seasons. BOO.

daisysmom said...

Ohhh, I know how the reader felt about Six Feet Under. I still dream about the theme song. Nothing on TV has come close since. My daughter was u-p-s-e-t when NBC cancel Las Vegas. Frankly, I'm tired of getting emotionally invested in Season One of so many shows only to have them cancelled so that the networks can replace them with another reality/game show. How many Survivor/Big Brother/Mole/Bachorlette/Amazing Race shows can we watch while they sing/dance/run/jump and I sleep?

Brittany said...

Danger...Pushing daisies is on the fall schedule, I checked!!! I do miss six feet under, it made me want to be a mortician.

Misty...I know, it was so witty and clever, there isn't writing like that on any more.

Jennifer...I will admit, it was a bit syrupy tasting to me, but the sting in my throat was so nice. I am not going to keep drinking it, but it did help my upset stomach.

Jen...We need to write letters!

Bethany...Yeah, WAB is NOT coming back, "Brian" is on Samantha Who now I guess:( I recently heard from a friend about October Road. BASTARDS! And yes, L Word is in it's final season, but Showtime just announced a SPIN OFF!!!!!!

Daisy...I could not agree more! I hate getting wrapped up into these amazing new shows, only to have them replaced by more garbage. When will the networks learn!

J.Danger said...

Oh my lord! You just made my day! Well, my whole Fall TV experience!

flickrlovr said...

Well, this isn't really NBC's fault, but I'm hopelessly devoted to my ER, and it's going *sniff* away next year. This fall is the LAST.SEASON.OF.MY.LIFE. Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic. But really.

And how dare you diss Grey's, Britt?!? likeohmigawd. You're lucky you're so cute and funny. That's all I've got to say.

Nichol said...

Freaks and Geeks! Only one season of the best show ever on television. That is truly a crime. Thank God for DVD...

sarah said...

so happy to see so much love for freaks and geeks! yay yay yay!

also. i still miss gilmore girls. even though the last couple of seasons were a stretch, my tuesday nights STILL feel empty without a good lorelai/rory conversation.

sarah said...

OH! and sports night!!! that WAS abc. and i still hate them for it.

Anonymous said...

I am writing you from a treatment center due to the cancellation of Veronica Mars. I may never recover.