Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You say tomato, I say I want 5 more kids.

Yesterday, we had the talk.

We were driving home from the BMV, and I waited until the boys were cute and asleep in their seats, and after I had sufficiently gushed about how absolutely sexy his new drivers license picture was.

It's no secret I want another child. I grew up with just a brother, and always wished I had come from a bigger family. I had my heart set on four, but hubby is fine with two, so I figure we can compromise at three...and I'll just pray for twins:)

Usually this conversation is cock blocked right at the gate. "Blah, blah, wait until my next raise, blah, blah I don't want to share my love, blah, blah, I can't live with you and your leaky boobs, itchy belly and fajitas with sauerkraut cravings again, blah, blah."

Some of those points are valid. My boobs were leaky, and I was equally disgusted with my need to add sauerkraut to my steak fajitas, but I just couldn't help myself. In fact, I am over the physical act of being pregnant. It's not a walk in the park, it's taxing. It wreaks havoc on my body, and even after I shoot the baby out, I still can't sit or poop without crying for 6 weeks, so no need to remind me of the annoyances pregnancy may cause you, hubby, I can still feel my stitches whenever it is going to rain (tearing from hole to hole = fun psychic weather predictor, fair trade).

And as for the sharing of the love thing, I can't argue. It's hard at first. Everything I read, and everyone I talked to assured me that as soon as the baby came out, my heart would just grow, right there in the delivery room, and make room for the love of two children. Um...I don't know if it's just me, but that totally didn't happen. I really liked the baby, but I can't say I loved him the same way as my first born right away. All I felt was guilt for the first straight month, and then, slowly, it tapered off, and then it happened, I was crazy in love with him, just like the first.

But, no one really tells you that. Instead you are riddled with guilt for taking love away from your first, and guilt from not feeling the same way about the second. We know that now.

We are smart to the whole song and dance.

Annnddd, surprisingly, he didn't fight me on the talk. He nodded, made agreeable noises and grunts. Plus, it helps that I assured him after I was finally done with the whole pregnancy thing, I could go back to looking like Carmen Electra full time, no more big baby belly bumps along the way.

So, if I play my cards right, and remember not to throw in the vasectomy=no condoms selling point (I notice he winces and squeezes his thighs together when I say the v word), then I may just be incubating in the next month or so.

Better stock up on sushi and Blue Moon now, or I'll never make it.


J.Danger said...

Brittany! I FINALLY just convinced my husband that we were FINALLY ready for number three. He has always wanted a large family too, so its not like I had to pull his leg for a third, it was just a matter of when. Maybe we can be incubating bloggers together!

Yay passive agressive husbands!

Anonymous said...

We stopped at two, hubby had a V then a year later I was having my baby house demoed (hysterectemy) so my point is I still get the urge for another and even though I feel complete with two (a boy and girl) I understand the desire for more!

ali said...

Martha Stewart says you should ALWAYS group things into 3's!

schwartz said...

Way to use your vaginal meteoroligical skills! Can you twitter us some up to date forecasts for this weekend??

This means we need a night at the Duck for draught Blue Moon!!

Sandy C. said...

Congrats on finally landing on the same page :) We hope to take the leap from 1 to 2 kids soon. Like you, I worry that I will be riddled with guilt for my first :(

Hope your perineum forecasts some fertile days for both of us soon!

AJ said...

Totally stalking you through Lambrina, who I'm stalking through my friend Laura, but I figure I can totally comment on a 4th degree virtual stalkee....right?

I myself am looking to incubate offspring number 3 in another 2 or 3 mos:) I love kids, bring 'em on. Slowly though, they take some getting used to:)

Brittany said...

Danger...Ok sweet, you can be my cravings buddy, that way I won't feel like a weirdo being the only one eating all the time:)

KD...I know, I thought I was over it for a while, but lord, do I have the fever these days.

Ali...Well, she did write the bible, and this just gives me another source to cite to hubby.

Schwartz...We absolutely do, and my vagina says no rain until Thursday:)

Sandy...It's ok hun, I will talk you through the guilt:) And I need to see if I can channel some ovulation schedules.

AJ...4th degree stalker? well hell, that still makes you family! Looks like we may be facing a mass bloggy pregnancy outbreak here soon! Wanna make a pact?

Sue said...

OOOOOH! Exciting!!!! My husband agreed to the "V", scheduled the "V", cancelled the "V" due to an important meeting, and has conveniently forgotten about the "V".

Nichol said...

Good luck and happy humping!

mrsmogul said...

As I am having number two, that is ist! Shop will be closed. Nice to meet U!

Laura said...

After you take a couple laps in the three children pool, and the waters seem calm, I might one day think about it. Good luck!!

Emily said...

Yay! Have a baby! This one needs to be a girl. That way, if I have a boy, he'll still be able to marry one of your children. Unless J or W is in to that sort of thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

HRH said...

Yeah! That is so exciting.

I had that whole experience about not just being head over heels in love with a baby with my first. I felt really horrible about it...and then one day. BAM. The third has been so easy in so many ways. Because he is third in line for everything at 2 he is really independent and a showman. Anything for a laugh--and I could use a laugh.


Marie said...

Leaky boobs? Can't sit or poop without crying? How do you do it? Women are just not given the credit they deserve.

Best of luck! (I hope it'll be a girl.)

Not Just Any Jen said...

Oh, how exciting.You maybe just as crazy as me! Nothing like staying busy.

I could puke at how often I hear, "You've been busy" or " You sure have your hands full."

lamb said...

omg!! im so fucking giddy right now.
me, you, and aj. three people that have never met, need to make an internet pact to get pregnant.

maybe this will make us trend setters?

whoever looks best in the afterbirth pic (of our faces!!), sans makeup, wins at life. deal?

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

Congrats Brittany on your impending pregnancy!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for twins!!!

beth - total mom haircut said...

Everything you said about feeling guilty about the attention the first one gets when the second is born and feeling guilty for being immediately in love with the second? So true. I so wish someone had told me that back then. Things were so crazy when Robby was born that he was just this little lump baby for the first few hazy weeks while I tried to make sure my firstborn wasn't going to need therapy.

I'm catching the baby fever too...but shhhh. Don't tell my hubs:)